Brittany Hartt Designs

Brittany Hartt, owner of Brittany Hartt Designs and I have teamed up to bring you amazing unique works of art that you or a loved one may wear of give as an awesome gift. Please follow Brittany Hartt on Facebook and Instagram at @bhartt_designs. Brittany and I's relationship goes back to highschool, when our friendship began and we have been friends ever since. We recently were in a discussion about her printing a shirt for me with a cute pun on it and I asked her if there was anyway I could send her an image or a picture of my artwork for her to print on to something.... and the rest is history. We are now collaborating to bring people beautiful images that are hand painted and then transferred onto the medium of your choice. We love printing on baby clothes because Brittany's lovely daughter, Sophia can model them for us (she is paid handsomely for her services). We also offer adult clothing with the same images as well. Below are some samples of what we can offer however please go to Brittany's Instagram page to see the rest of our images. Thank you and come back again ;)


For order or purchase information please send your inquiries to





Please note this is not a partnership! Brittany and I act and function as our own private entities. I, Jessica Utley am the creator of the actual art image and Brittany Hartt Designs has purchased exclusive rights to use my images for all clothing types all images are copyright protected.